About This Blog and About Me

I am a sinner. I am a sinner who has been forgiven by Christ and who seeks to serve him.

This blog contains my daily thoughts and reflections on my journey to carry my cross and follow him.

I am a lay, married Catholic woman who works a day job, who continues to sin, and who continually must seek grace, mercy, and the strength to pick the cross back up when I fall and then continue on the journey.

I am not a theologian. These words are only my (hopefully) humble attempt to learn from my day and to share what I feel may be valuable to readers. If anything I write contradicts the teachings of the Church, it is not by design but by lack of knowledge or understanding on my part.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I was struck by a realization earlier this week when thinking about how every good thing comes God. I hadn't ever conceptualized what some of these good things are. In particular, I was struck with the concept of kindness. Simple, kind actions allow God's light to shine forth to others in a way I hadn't considered in the past.

On paper, I usually find plenty of words to say what I'm thinking, but in person I'm rather shy. I was listening to someone who needed an ear to bend, and found myself not knowing what to say in reply. A smile and more listening was enough. How much more, then, is God's capacity to listen to us? How is God kind to us?

I hadn't ever put the word, "kind," on God when I've prayed, thought about him, or talked about him with others. Almighty, sure. All loving, absolutely. Friend, without a doubt.  Kind?

My recent experiences and prayers have led me to contemplate how God's kindness is so great that in this life we experience it through other people in a very special way.

When have I experienced God's kindness through the kindness of someone else? When have you? Are you the face of God in regard to kindness toward other people?

My struggle has always been when I see kindness within myself that has been acted upon, I have to fight down the urge to credit it to myself rather than to God. There are so many times I would rather attend to myself than to others, and when kindness flows from me in spite of my selfishness, it is God at work. The Holy Spirit helps me not always get in the way of myself.

I'm also amazed how kindness doesn't  carry any negative connotations for me, even as a word on paper. So many words have multiple meanings, but I don't think kindness does. There is one definition for kindness in my heart's and mind's way of knowing what kindness is because it stems forth from God.

Does kindness carry more than one definition for you?